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The choice for Freedom NO MATTER WHAT comes when the dream most call reality can no longer be tolerated. Absolute frustration with the illusion, with its roller coaster of ecstasy and agony can no longer seduce you. Additionally, the basic awareness at the level of mind must exist that this ‘is’ indeed a dream … there is still doubt because that is the highest truth the false self [mind] can know, but the gnawing itch that something is just not right about the world-universe ‘must’ be there before the absolute jump off the cliff into Freedom is possible.

There are many who have pursued a variety of spiritual paths [so-called] for many years that proclaim they have had enough and want to remember Who They Really Are, but there are very few that will lay everything down [if required] and make this their number #1 priority. This is no ‘Hollywood spirituality’ where life is rosy and fluffy because the day is spent surrounded by spiritual trinkets, meditation music, mantras and friendly gatherings with like minded ‘others’. These things are fine to help draw one’s focus to a laser point within, but in the end the work must be done to dissolve ALL conditioning that still manifests the illusion of an individual person and a world ‘out-there’.

Truth cannot be forced – YOU, as the slumbering God-SELF must remove the clouds that hide the Real YOU.

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"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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