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The false self loves drama … the highs as well as the lows as the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow tugs at its craving for ‘action’ and ‘doing’ to hopefully ‘feel’ alive. Silence and Stillness are its enemies, giving it a feeling of ‘nothing-ness’, which draws it far too close to the recognition of its own illusory existence. Currently, as the Great Shift out of the collapsing patriarchy and into a phase of relative balance unfolds [an era of Peace and Light] [Balance], there is an impending sense of finality to thousands of years of masculine dominance and dysfunction.

Biblical talk of a ‘last battle with darkness’ finds fertile ground for this kind of dramatic story as this unfolds, and through the narrow lens of the false-self-identity it appears as if so-called ‘evil’ is coming to an end. However, Truth is ‘revealed’ NOT ‘won’ after some great struggle as much spiritual talk suggests. It is through the release of ‘temporary things’ that have been held as ‘essential’ by the false self that the Heart opens to what is ‘sacred’ and ‘eternal’, and this leads one to the Awareness of what is Real … the Freedom YOU Are ‘as’ the SELF.

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