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In a few days the planet will enter a turning point in the Grand Dream. As it enters the first day of winter it also completes one full turn around a 26,000 year cycle as well as a much longer cycle around the enter Milky Way galaxy. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the official beginning of an Age of Light/Peace. However, one look at the world circumstances seems to illustrate a far different image … but ‘hold on’, the Light ‘is’ Expanding.

What is ‘really’ occurring as YOU ‘dream’ all this into being is a major expansion of Awareness of Who You Really Are. Imagine you have been sleeping deeply and suddenly you are thrown out of bed …. for most, this is how this ‘Awakening’ feels. In clock time it has been happening for decades but in this moment there is a ‘turning point’ where the potential for a Grand Awareness is possible … only your ‘Open-ness’ is required.

Welcome this moment as it represents the greatest opportunity you have ever experienced to SHIFT into the Freedom YOU Are - simply ‘stay Open’ and remember … its a long deep dream of limitation you are Awakening from.


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