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Time and distance are emanations of the illusion of ‘separation’ and as such, ‘speaking of seeking’ and ‘seeking’ Truth fosters this illusion. There ‘is’ only ONE and IT has no ‘from here to there’ distance … IT simply ‘is’. The mind is a construct of this belief in separation and celebrates every concept that relates to this so-called ‘search’ for Truth … but does NOT want to ‘find’ IT since that would mean its own demise. In this way the merry-go-round of seeking but not finding is perpetuated.

This search is almost always ‘out there’ in the dream world, manifested ‘by’ the same separation belief … and, this dream is saturated with endless webs of ‘dead-ends’ that keep this false-self-identity [mind] continuously distracted by this ‘search’. ‘Looking within’ is ‘also’ a very subtle ‘seeking’ concept, which again keeps the false self chasing its tail. ‘Out there’ is really ‘inside’ Consciousness as a projection … a dream [since Consciousness is ONE].

Turning ‘within’ therefore means … to place your ATTENTION ‘on’ Who You Really Are - [Consciousness, I AM, SELF, God or ONE, which all mean the same thing … the Real YOU]. This alone restores Awareness to Truth and in this regard, the direct route is the Self Inquiry of ‘Who am I’. 

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