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An UN-conditioned relationship is NOT a ‘relationship’ since this suggests separation … it is a ‘unicity’ – ONE Being in two or more bodies. In Truth unicity is all that exists throughout ALL THAT IS because Reality is only ONE. Nevertheless, within the Grand Dream of the universe the ‘appearance’ of multiplicity seems to be. This is due entirely to the belief in separation and the conditioning that emanates from it. An UN-conditioned relationship therefore is a ‘living’ example of Truth. It includes:

-‘nothing’ of any kind is expected of the ‘other(s)’

-there are no agendas

-there are no rules of conduct as the Free always express Truth naturally, which is the essence of Love

-‘What Is’, is accepted in every moment

-There is no attempt to control

-the Unknown is always embraced

-there are no have-to’s

-there is no dependency or neediness

-no fear of any kind exists [instinctive impulses toward body preservation do exist but are not guided by fear]

-the concept of judgment is unknown

-the partners flow together seamlessly in all respects

-there are no labels

-absolute freedom is afforded to the ‘other’

-there is no hierarchy

-the ‘other’ is seen as their own SELF because to the Free, there ‘are’ no others

-everything is seen as God [Consciousness – I AM – SELF] no matter what disguise it wears.

In other words, both [or more] ‘partners’ have NO conditioning [attachments, expectations, identifications tied to memory and imagination]. Such is the living expression of Freedom.

Books by John McIntosh

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