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In spiritual communities it is common to speak of ‘having or giving or sending’ unconditional love … but ‘this’ is NOT possible.

The false self [body-mind-identity] that most call ‘me’, is a ‘product-of’ conditioning [attachments, expectations, and identifications tied to memory [past] and imagination [future]]. Its very existence is a complex bundle ‘of’ conditioning and ALL [even so called well intended] efforts to ‘project’ unconditional love into the dream called this world, are tainted with covert as well as obvious conditioning.

Never is this more apparent than in ‘relationships [of any kind], which many will say ‘complete me’. In itself this ‘validates’ the illusory belief in ‘separation’ [the core foundation of all conditioning].

Unconditional Love ‘has’ no conditioning of any kind since it ‘is’ Who YOU Really Are [the ONE SELF] … Who is WHOLE – ONE – COMPLETE – INDIVISIBLE. IT/YOU, relies on nothing in the Grand Dream, which is actually a projection on the screen of Consciousness ‘within’ I/YOU. Nothing is missing. IT does NOT ‘send’ this Love … IT emanates IT SELF ‘to’ IT SELF always and in ALL ways without preference.

YOU ‘are’ already this but have forgotten, veiled by ‘conditioning’. The dissolution ‘of’ conditioning is your ONLY Purpose here until that occurs. For this … Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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