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When someone speaks of: “my ego [false self]” … who is speaking? The SELF Knows IT ‘has’ nothing since all is a projection on the screen of Consciousness, which IT ‘is’. When someone says: “I’m growing toward Enlightenment” … who is it that believes this … who is growing … when is Enlightenment NOT? You have never NOT been Enlighted and the one who believes it is NOT is a fiction … does not exist. So then, who is speaking?

Consciousness [the SELF] cloaked in the illusion of separation and the various garments and disguises which that belief produces through conditioning, is ‘dreaming’ that IT is speaking ‘as’ an individual identity called ‘me’ … that somehow ‘has’ another entity called an ‘ego -false self’. It is no wonder that confusion results with so many players on a stage called ‘me’.

The dream of the universe/world/your body-mind experience … ‘is’, totally un-Real. No part of it is Real. Nothing however is wrong with this and it cannot be somehow ‘fixed’ to work better … opposition is normal in the manifestation of separation and allows the SELF to ‘taste contrast’ until IT is totally satiated with this illusionary projection and chooses to return HOME to the full Awareness of Who IT Really Is. When this occurs, absolutely nothing ‘appears’ as it did to the awakened sleeper you used to be.

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