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Enormous interest and effort are expended toward searching for the secrets of the universe, both in the halls of pragmatic science and the subtle contemplative life of spirituality. The question to ask is this: “Why … how does this bring one to the Freedom they Are?” From the vast grandeur of the seemingly endless cosmos to the microcosmic wonder of the subatomic world the universe is always changing and anything that changes is birthing and dying in each moment – as such it has no ‘real’ existence since Truth is unchanging.

The universe is a ‘thought’, which manifests in each moment, disappearing entirely when you fall into deep dreamless sleep only to return through memory and imagination tied to your unique conditioning when you re-awaken into your daytime dream. It is no ‘less’ a dream than is your personal identity and the experiences you call ‘life’.

None of it is real. Nevertheless, it ‘is’ happening within the ONE Consciousness or SELF You Are and being experienced by the SELF … the ‘experience’ itself ‘is’ Real – NOT what is being experienced. The only ‘search’ of real value [which is not a seeking, which suggests separation], is the discovery of the Real YOU – the SELF You Are. That discovery is made ‘within’, not ‘out there’ by dissecting and analysing dreams. However, if investigating the universe [or any dream within the Grand Dream] resonates with you, then for now … it ‘is’ part of your pathless-path HOME.

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