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It Is not possible for the mind to understand Truth. The mind is a manifestation of thought which emanates from the belief in separation. This not to be equated with the operating system [mind] that takes care of thousands of functions each moment in the body without your awareness … this is under the direct guidance of the True SELF YOU Are and works ‘flawlessly’ - unless interfered with by the mind which has usurped your Real identity and calls itself ‘me’, an individual body-mind-identity or person. It is the conditioning that makes up this false self that meddles with the seamless perfection of this operating system and brings about all manner of discord in the body-mind and its servant - the emotions.

Thinking through the Heart, which is Feeling [not the emotions] allows this Perfection to flow unobstructed, bringing about Perfect circumstances and full Awareness of What IS Truth. Its an experience, NOT a thought and cannot be explained since it is Infinite. When something - anything is ‘really’ required … it simply shows up, such is the wayless-way of Truth

-image by Solveig Larsen

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