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Despite ‘appearances’ promoted by the fake mainstream media, the global playing field is about to become VISIBLY leveled where everyone will experience balance in the areas of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and financial security.

This is the imminent ‘next’ facet that will occur everywhere [over a comparatively short expanse of clock-time] within the Grand Dream this world ‘is’. This will be accompanied by a relative ‘balance’ where the infinity of opposing influences that dominate within the realm of the illusion of ‘separation’ will occur. Most will call this ‘peace’, but it is simply the pendulum of contrasts reaching a temporary still-point like a ball thrown in the air that is neither ascending or descending for a moment.

Genuine Peace ‘is’ when all conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] have been dissolved. When this ‘level playing field’ is firmly established throughout the world each one will find themselves ‘compelled’ to look at ‘the elephant in the room’ … those things [conditioning] that they have swept under the carpet and avoided through running, sedating and distracting – for eons.

When attention is withdrawn from the constant focus on merely ‘surviving’, the always present ‘inner pull’ will no longer be so easy to evade and each one will come face to face with where their ‘lack’ of Real Peace actually arose from. This is where the inevitable SHIFT from ‘head to HEART’ really begins, which will ultimately lead many to the PEACE they actually ‘are’ … [not have, but ARE].

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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