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Everything that is occurring within the dream ‘is’ a dream. The false self will quote ancient scriptures to proclaim that ‘this is the way’ to Freedom and that ‘way’ is not, but anything … no matter what its source within the dream, is still another dream. ‘Anything’ that points the mind toward Freedom ‘has’ value and ‘narrows’ the multitude of ‘thoughts’ that keep the Real YOU ‘from’ the Truth that you ‘are’ already FREE.

When you filter a concept or an idea through the lens of JOY, if it resonates with JOY then … for now, its for you. This ‘is’ listening to the Voice of Silence Who ‘knows’ what is Perfect for you in every moment. Call this gut feelings, hunches, intuition … whatever feels right for you … they mean the same thing. In Truth you ‘cannot’ make a mistake, but you ‘can’ bring suffering upon yourself with your ‘resistance’ to this - ‘in the Moment’ guidance … you ‘can’ take detours rather than flying straight with the winds of Truth. This is the only ‘free will’ there is and it too – is a dream within the Grand Dream.

“Your efforts to attain Real Awakening … are ALL parts of the dream.” - Ramana

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