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The false self [body-mind-identity most call ‘me’], fears the dream world it believes is real. Control is sought out in every way possible whether consciously or without awareness as a means to somehow soften and subdue the many threats it perceives lurk around every corner. Since what one focuses on ‘expands’ in their experience, the world mirrors the validity of those fears at every turn. This false ‘me’ is unaware that their life is predestined and that what is to happen – WILL happen … no matter what they ‘do’, and that what is not to happen, WILL NOT happen no matter what they do.

The one who has ‘surrendered’ their illusory so-called ‘free will’ to the ONE SELF they ‘Really Are’ is living in ‘vulnerability’ and this means abandoning all attempts to mold the world according to the mind’s idea of perfection … including safety, security and well-being. This vulnerability dissolves ‘all’ suffering [not pain which is normal while the SELF occupies a body]. It means there is NO resistance to What Is [this does not mean you agree with all of it]. It recognizes that LIFE LIVES LIFE ‘for you’ … the Real YOU while you tarry in the world-dream, and that ‘everything’ is orchestrated perfectly and precisely to bring you HOME to the full Awareness of Who You Really Are.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

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