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Waiting and patience on the surface sound like important attributes of a spiritually oriented person. However, both suggest desire, wanting and time in some way. The God-SELF has no desires of any kind being ‘complete’.

Stillness, also known as Silence ‘is’ Empty [the God-SELF], wanting for nothing. In every moment, while IT dwells within a body IT is provided for perfectly. The false self, which claims it is ‘seeking’ Freedom, is always looking to gain things and experiences that is says are for its highest good and will in some way lead to Freedom ‘out there’ someday. But Freedom is always and only Now and requires nothing but your undivided Attention ‘on’ it. In this way Awareness ‘of’ it EXPANDS.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 says: "Love is patient ... " however, this is not the time/desire oriented patience the false self speaks of but the ‘infinite and all-encompassing unconditioned’ Love/Patience that has no beginning or ending. As with many passages in sacred texts, meanings are often misinterpreted or distorted altogether. They must be understood through the Feeling nature of the Heart.

Despite words being a basic requisite of human communication, Truth simply IS and cannot be personified. ‘Silence’ is the highest form of communicating Truth.

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” - Ramana

-article requested by Jane Dun

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Chris Donohue
Chris Donohue
May 03, 2019

Thank you John......Self always "shows up" exactly when you need it.

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