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Mastery of the Grand Dream involves shifting from mind knowledge to Heart Knowing. As the slumbering God-SELF emerges from the shroud of conditioning that has defined ITs unique personal separated identity, Life presents opportunities to experience ‘as’ Truth … what is known only ‘intellectually’. Many feel these are ‘life-lessons’, however they are simply validations of what one has only ‘believed’ in actual manifested forms.

This is the shift of Awareness from belief [which still engenders doubt] to Knowing. Knowing is ‘without’ doubt of any kind and is totally Aware that any experience that once required belief, is Now a certainty. The experiences that are presented to this ‘absolute certainty’ are always directly from the SELF and do not occur haphazardly. The one who Knows, steps into all experiences fully Aware that the perfect outcome always comes about.

For the one who has made the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free and is ‘transiting out of’ the Grand Dream ‘as a dreamer’ into full Consciousness Awareness of Who They Really Are, many opportunities present themselves to ‘walk the talk’ [manifest knowledge and thereby have many experiences ‘of’ that knowledge] so that the conditioning that expressed itself as ‘belief’ dissolves into total Knowing.

#8 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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