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One of the preconditions to be accepted by society is to be ‘well-adjusted’. On the surface this seems reasonable, but beneath the balanced appearance of one who is so called well-adjusted is a tangle of conditioning that is being suppressed since the ‘mind’, where the ‘person’ lives, never touches this taboo area. To do so is to pronounce its own death sentence.

For those who have made the choice to be Truly Free [Self Realized], imbalance and the feeling of losing their ‘mind’ is a constant companion. Releasing ‘control’ and saying YES to ‘What Is’ … YES to the ‘Unknown’, shakes loose the binding ties of person-hood until finally this false-identity ‘is no more’. Then, you are embraced by emptiness, which is ‘the’ prerequisite for the Conscious Awareness of the God-SELF. This still relatively unknown Light often appears as a reckless, irresponsible misfit in the world view and this ‘is’ because the world perspective is totally dysfunctional, filled with constant chaos and conflict. In this state it is incapable of recognizing the Truth flowing out of ‘imbalance’.

Be okay with imbalance … your conditioning is being transformed and the illusionary clouds they are, are dispersing, revealing the Perfection You Are.

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