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The false self has endless suggestions about ‘what can or should define you’. All of them [no matter how inspiring], attempt to place borders around what is ‘boundless’. YOU Are the SELF - Consciousness - ONE and as such are ‘infinite’ without the possibility of definitions of any kind. The body-mind-identity seems to suggest individuality and it is through this that one is drawn to somehow try to define one’s self and hopefully make that entity - ‘special’ and thereby attractive and ideally ‘loved’.

The cosmetics, fashion, automobile and real estate industries in particular thrive on and cater to these passions. The appeal of these copious self-defining measures attests to the deeply ingrained belief in separation and ‘seems’ to validate it in so doing. The SELF YOU Really Are places these shackles on IT SELF through these seductive practices and insures the ‘appearance of limitation’ while seeking to expand the ‘pretense of independence’. The SELF ‘is’ already totally independent and depends on nothing being completely SELF sufficient and bound by nothing.

Identification ‘with’ anything is a prison while ‘emptiness’ is Freedom. The bars of bondage must close one in ‘so completely’ so that the turn within toward Truth is more compelling than the blinding ‘glamour’ of person-hood.


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