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There is much talk of people ‘waking up’ in these last few years, especially these last few months. What does this ‘really’ mean?


It means that much of humanity has been sleeping to how the world has been dominated by the tyranny of a small group of elites some refer to as the Deep State … and now, very much as a result of the chaotic experiences of the last 4+ years, they have been ‘jolted’ out of their ‘programmed stupor’ and have begun to see more clearly.


This so-called ‘awakening’ is really one seeing the daytime dream more clearly. It is much like vivid dreaming in one’s night-time dream state, where they are ‘aware’ that they are dreaming while still ‘in’ it. Daytime or night-time  … the world-universe ‘is’ a dream – an illusion.  This awakening then is NOT genuine ‘awakening.


To truly awaken begins with this shocking revelation that your ‘version’ of the dream-world has been a fiction. Beyond that is the recognition that ‘everything’ that comes and goes … ‘is’ an illusion - a dream. Very few actually KNOW this … many ‘believe’ it but that is a mind-oriented awareness, which is still ‘sleeping awareness.


True Awakening is when one KNOWS the world-universe is NOT real … but is also Free ‘of’ its controlling influence. This is to be IN the world but not OF it, and very, very few as yet have this Awareness. This is the full and unbroken awareness that YOU Are the ONE SELF behind the projection of the Grand Dream on the screen of Consciousness.


-image by Solveig Larsen


“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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