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here are many veils that seem to hide the Truth … the first of which is the belief in separation. This prepares the stage for the ONE SELF YOU Are for the ‘great adventure’ into the realm of dreams where YOUR infinite potential can be witnessed. Once YOU step into this Grand Dream and occupy every projection thereon, the next veil is to ‘forget’ Who YOU Really Are. Who … but the infinite SELF could fool IT SELF into forgetting Who IT ‘is’.

In this slumbering state of delusion, the concept of individuality is born [a dream within a dream (veil)]. Individuality manifests the realm of fear where ‘Wholeness’ [ONE] seems to disappear. In this dream, the illusion of separation occurs and the dreamer believes it is limited and exposed to all manner of dangers. ‘Survival’ then becomes paramount and integrity is constantly compromised for its sake.

In this current moment, as the collapsing patriarchy breathes its last gasp, the myriad of deceit, lies and tyranny perpetrated by the slumbering ONE SELF ‘on’ IT SELF is being exposed everywhere with increasing intensity and shock for most. The full swing of the pendulum into darkness is being revealed as it makes its relentless return to a mid-point of relative balance thus heralding in an era of Peace and Light … and a unique opportunity for the sleeping God YOU Are to remember YOUR SELF.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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