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It is not the ‘person’ who gets somehow ‘more’ spiritual. This false self does not in some way ‘get better’. This is the great diversion manifested by the false self to keep the Real YOU hidden in plain sight. A phantom dressed in rags is stripped of its rotting garments and outfitted in royal clothes called ‘spirituality’. Other phantoms proclaim this wonderful transformation as enlightenment, and this fosters a ‘movement’ call ‘self improvement’. It is a fiction. The phantom entity does NOT exist and cannot therefore be ‘improved’ … only eliminated. Even that is a falsehood since what does not exist cannot be somehow removed.

What actually occurs is the illusion ceases when it is given no further ‘attention’. It is attention that gives it the dream of reality. Shifting attention from the illusion of personhood to the SELF YOU Are and have always been, dissolves the illusion and ‘reveals’ the Truth. The ‘simplicity’ of this Shift is what the false self uses to ‘disclaim’ its efficacy and yet what is Real … is always Simple.

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