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The false self lives in a constantly simmering soup of fear, accentuated occasionally by flashes of stark terror when what is feared approaches or conversely, elated when what is hoped for seems close. Running, distracting and sedating can ‘dull’ this constant angst but only serves to expand the fear as one ‘comes down’ from these temporary highs. The mind believes it is alone, separated and at the mercy of circumstances beyond its control and yet ‘still’ expends much effort learning how and exercising as much control as possible. This manifests not just for example, in obvious ways such as military power but more subtly throughout the world in religious and educational institutions as well as through the clandestine influence of advertising as it shapes and sculpts social beliefs.

There is not a ‘them’ doing this ‘to’ you. The collective conditioning of the false self of humanity is simply playing out the predestiny of its own inevitable outcomes. Releasing control completely and falling empty handed into the loving arms of the God You Are is the most fearful prospect imaginable since it means the body-mind-identity must be laid aside for ‘who knows what.’ And yet when this invisible line in the sand has been crossed, ‘nothing’ that is for your highest good is withheld from you. Every ‘real’ need is supplied and shows up … often in what the false self would refer to as miraculous ways.

Ultimately, miracles become so common as to lose their meaning in the routine flow of abundant living at whatever level is perfect for the one and only ‘real’ Purpose you [everyone] have until it occurs – your return HOME to the God You Really Are.

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