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The false self’s attention is always centered entirely ‘out there’ in the Grand Dream, which is founded on instability because of its belief in separation that in turn manifested this illusion. As a result, it is constantly searching for ways to ‘balance’ its shaky existence. Power, wealth, possessions and fame are the obvious building bricks in the fortress of security it tries to manifest with ‘recognition’ and ‘acceptance’ providing the cement.

What people thing of you figures prominently in this ‘house of cards’ existence and depending on the depth of one’s conditioning – ‘skins can be very thin and vulnerable’. No matter how great one’s fortress may become, validations of their ‘worth’ is paramount … despite any protests that they are not affected. Unworthiness is the foundational root in the false self’s conditioning and requires constant insulating and pampering to simply survive [so it believes].

The SELF cannot be offended in any way since IT has no conditioning that offense [or praise] could stick to. IT ‘knows’ IT is ONE and is ‘Worthiness IT SELF [not simply worthy], which can be taken away. IT lacks nothing and stands alone as an example of Wholeness. IT has no opinions or perspectives as IT is ‘empty’ and when required … simply KNOWS.

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