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The dominant influences in your life experiences represent the most poignant conditioning that is ‘ready’ to be dissolved. There are many ‘layers’ to most conditioning and as a result the issues associated with each may repeat frequently. For example, if your life narrative involved a parent that was always criticizing you as a child, it is very common to find many drama/stories in your later life that speak about you trying to impress and gain acceptance from some ‘parent-in-disguise’. The conditioning has to do with ‘unworthiness’ but the story manifests as a mind-attempt to somehow be ‘seen’ as worthy … until you consciously recognize the dream world as a mirror for ‘who you (believe) you are’ - and choose to stand in that fire.

Erratic and abusive behaviour in previous lifetimes may manifest as philanthropic work in this one [at any level] in the attempt to ‘neutralize’ the underlying guilt, shame and remorse conditioning that is really at the root of that activity … again, until the conditioning is faced head-on [ideally through Self Inquiry, which is the direct route Home to Freedom.

All intense ‘passions’ are in some way oriented to dissolving the veils that hide the ONE SELF You Really Are and are not about whatever activity the body-mind is involved with.

SELF DISCOVERY AND SELF INQUIRY: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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