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The SELF will do whatever it takes to wake IT SELF from the Grand Dream and as such IT does NOT shy away from pain and suffering.

There ‘is’ only the SELF and IT ‘knows’ precisely what level of ‘unconsciousness’ IT is experiencing within the limitless disguises IT wears. In this respect IT ‘knows’ exactly what the ‘perfect’ circumstances are to ‘awaken’ IT SELF ‘to’ full Conscious Awareness of Who IT Really Is. Often this will take IT into very challenging and painful situations. For example, to open a closed heart IT may take IT SELF into a great heartache such as the prolonged suffering of a loved one … perhaps  a partner or even a beloved pet. The heartache this causes can break open the most frozen conditioning.

In every instance such as this the SELF is ‘both’ the one who is in a suffering circumstance as well as the one whose heart is breaking while witnessing this. IT is orchestrating this ‘dance’ for both of ITs disguises and both are ‘shifted’ toward more Awareness through the breaking heart ‘and’ the love expressed as the story/drama plays out. During Great SHIFTs such as humanity is currently experiencing, many of these kinds of opportunities to ‘expand’ Conscious Awareness exist.

Saying YES to the underlying Love that exists within these experiences … no matter how they seem to appear, will allow Grace to make the Real YOU far easier to recognize then through resistance.


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