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When an Age of Peace and Light arrives, ‘nothing’ can stop the manifestation of its loving embrace. No matter how dark the ending patriarchy or matriarchy may have been as it collapses, nothing can withstand this ‘balancing’ phase of neutrality. The dream-world that humanity now occupies and calls reality has entered such a phase, which is arising more and more into being each day.

Whether it is through the ‘global alliance’ that now exists and is facing-down the sinister subterfuge intermingling every facet of society or through the ever-Present Grace of Mother Earth, the ‘spent’ soil of the past era WILL be turned over for a New and rejuvenating harvest.

Fear not the signs and symbols of doom and gloom that currently prevail … such has been the case throughout endless cycles of past ages whose end arrived. With its last gasp the departing age holds onto any vestige of control it can and with its dying breath spreads fear everywhere, intent on taking down anyone who succumbs to its villainous influence. Therefore, hold fast to the emerging Light in the sure and certain awareness that the Light of Peace ‘is’ expanding.

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