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When the SELF is ‘Realized’ the world, as the reality you have known – dissolves. And yet, the ‘appearance’ of the world it still present.

The difference is that YOU ‘as’ the SELF, have ceased looking to this illusion for anything … for sustenance, for gratification, for safety … for anything. The body you have worn as a garment called ‘you’ is seen clearly as just a garment but is treated with a New respect but no longer identified with as who you are. What that body requires while YOU still use it to navigate within the dream world … appears when needed … effortlessly. All longing for what the dream may offer has been extinguished and YOU abide in perpetual Peace despite the swirling cacophony that continues within the dream.

YOU make no attempt to fix or change the dream seeing it clearly for what it is and knowing that it is made-up out of the belief in separation, which cannot be reconciled by the mind that created it. This same projection and everything in it, is NOT seen as separate but as an extension of YOU … therefore, LOVE is ever Present for the YOU that it ‘is’.

If YOU remain in the dream it ‘is’ as an example of Truth, which requires no validation other than the Being-ness in which you show up. No attention is sought and any which shows up holds no interest whatsoever. Those who are meant to find you, in whatever way … WILL find you.

The ‘you’ you seemed to be no longer exists and the YOU that you Are is not a person but the ONE SELF wearing a garment that once held an identity. There ‘is’ no difference between a sage or saint of antiquity and YOU. All are the undisguised images of the ONE simply ‘appearing’ within a human form.

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