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When you are FREE of conditioning nothing ‘sticks’ to divert your Attention from Who You Really Are.

-The glamor of the world swirls around you without effect

-Sorrow begs you to acknowledge its victim-hood but is met only with compassion and never sympathy that would fan the flames of that illusion

-Special abilities entice you to broadcast your new-found power over illusion but you remain ‘fixed’ on Truth and Peace ‘IS’

-Without effort, your radiance touches and embraces the entire dream and every version of dreamer within, that still sleeps

-Without any ‘doing’, an infinite Light shines on every dark corner of the grand dream

-Many recoil in shame or fear as their disguises melt away

-Others approach with caution and scepticism, dazzled by this ‘influence’ that lifts and inspires but asks nothing

-Some few gravitate to the boundless Life You Are as their ancient burdens lose control

-Each one who still sleeps, is in some way affected and at the level of their open-ness, shift ever more inward toward their own Freedom

-If called to act you are shown precisely what to do, where to go, what to say and to whom, unencumbered by the conditioning that once colored and tainted every action, every word, every thought

-Your actions are Pure and when complete are departed from completely

Freedom covets nothing, holds onto nothing and craves nothing.

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Dee Marlowe
Dee Marlowe
Apr 18, 2019

Yess .. most beautiful dear ❤️

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