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When YOU are Free, ‘ALL’ attachments and identifications with the world and its myriad of possibilities has gone. This ‘seems’ like disinterest and for certain it is dispassion since ‘desire’ for illusions has dissolved. However, there is a ‘kind of’ ‘interest’ that resonates with the original ‘use’ the universe has to the ONE SELF that manifested it. Knowing IT SELF … Who is Empty-Nothing-ness and savoring IT SELF by ‘tasting contrast’ became available through the projected illusion that occurred through the dream of ‘separation’.

Through the limitless manifestations and circumstances within the Grand Dream that came about due to this separation-illusion, the ‘essence’ of the Beauty, the Love, the Peace, the Abundance, the Joy and the Freedom that are expressions of the ONE SELF … could be experienced … beyond the temporary vehicles that are used for this essence to flow through. This is the meaning of ‘bringing heaven to earth’. This is not some future possibility … it is this already existing ‘essence’ that has been within the Grand Dream since the original ‘fall of consciousness’ that brought the dream about.

This ‘heaven expressed through dreams’ is experienced when YOU are Free, when YOU Know Who YOU Really Are. The Free make no attempt to ‘change or fix’ the world, knowing that with the belief in separation, contrast [opposites, which manifest conflict and chaos] must appear. They simply experience what is ‘Real’, no longer hidden within the illusory images of the dreams that come and go.

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