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Changing yourself to ‘become’ someone else is a very pervasive concept. Entire industries and educational behaviour systems exist globally to accommodate this universally accepted idea that ‘you’ can somehow change … hopefully for the better. But there us no ‘you’ to change, only a veil called a body-mind-identity that ‘seems’ to hide the Real YOU. This YOU, however is celebrated as God [by any similar name] but then relegated as a ‘separate’ Being ‘out there’ somewhere. This belief keeps the veil in place ‘as’ the limited, small and insignificant false self called ‘you’. And yet, all that is required to recognize the Real YOU [God] is for ‘you’ as an identity to disappear - die.

“Closer is HE [IT/YOU] than breathing” – Bible.

The thin veil of ‘person-hood is all that seems to mask this Real YOU … releasing this veil is called ‘dying before you die’. “I die daily” – St. Paul. Your sincere ‘Intention’ to allow this veil to fall is sufficient for this exquisite experience to begin.

NOTE: The quotes used are NOT religious … they are ‘before’ ALL beliefs.

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