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Updated: Mar 21, 2020


“Your world shows up according to ‘Who’ you believe you are - precisely.”

For many this creates a world experience that is filled with limitations … a world where perpetrators and victims sway together in an endless dance, writhing in agony and hidden guilt to the music of illusions. When finally, your ‘Awareness’ reveals that everything that ‘seems’ to exist is a ‘projection’ on the screen of that Consciousness that YOU ‘are’ … nothing that seems to be happening ever again presents itself as ‘out-of-place’.

Trying to change the world and your individual life based on the way you once believed life ‘should be’ dissolves. The imagination, worshipped as one of your greatest gifts, also fades as a tool of the mind [false self].

Visions … you WILL have, but these come full-blown and are NOT contrived with agendas attached. A vision may lead to a compelling passion to ‘do’ something, but this is NOT personal … you do not ‘identify’ with it since it has a Life of its own and you are the instrument of its manifestation … the hand that moves the pen of the SELF You Really Are.

In this way a Truly Aware Being may ‘appear’ to be very much IN the world of the Grand Dream, but the illusions they are molding do not ‘stick’, holding them down like dead weights. A sweeping tsunami of Life expresses IT SELF through you when you KNOW ‘Who’ You Really Are and manifests as a raging torrent in one moment and a soft and gentle breeze in another … all without ‘trying’ to make anything happen.

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