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-When you are confused, wobbly, uncertain and unbalanced,

-When what you believed was real, stable and reliable,

-When what you have known as True,

… all seems to be falling apart, then the fabric of the illusory dream life you have been living ‘is’ crumbling and a ‘unique opportunity’ is being offered to you.

This can be the most terrifying experience you will ever have. It heralds the end of your ancient sojourn in the prison of the mind [false self] that has been a dictator in your life. If you ‘allow’ this experience to ‘have its way’, circumstances will unfold quickly and be followed by a temporary ‘void’ where the dream you have believed was reality will be ‘seen through’ as the illusion it is. What follows will, at first … NOT be clear. If this void is resisted you may sink into a feeling of hopelessness, but if it is embraced, it can be experienced as gentle and peaceful and perhaps surreal at first.

This is the only ‘change’ required while the Real YOU occupies a body. It is the moment you Truly recognize YOU are ‘not’ a body. This emptiness ‘is’ the Real YOU, which the mind cannot comprehend. From this ‘nothing-ness’ state ALL THAT IS rises and falls over and over again. This is the God YOU Are and in your tiny world’s collapse you are given a ‘clear window’ to discover this. You need ‘only’ say YES to this experience for Truth to unfold in your Awareness.

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