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It is common to hear statements like: “God is ‘in’ you”, or “The spark of God dwells in you [or in your soul]”. While this has the sound of authenticity it is ‘separation’.

Who is this ‘you’ that God is ‘in’?

Who is this ‘you’ that ‘has’ a soul’?

And if there is a soul and a you and a God … again, that is separation.

There is only ONE, which may be called the SELF, God, Consciousness, I AM or other names as you prefer … only ONE and YOU [not something called a body-mind-identity [person - individual] … are IT.

There ‘is’ no God ‘outside’ YOU … YOU are IT and everything that ‘seems’ to be, that comes and goes, is a projection on the screen of YOU [Consciousness] … ‘within’ the boundless - YOU.

What happened, is YOU have identified with these projections and ‘forgotten’ that they are illusions and this is why YOU are said to ‘dream’. A simple SHIFT of Attention to YOU as the ONE Reality dissolves the ‘life’ [pulls the plug] you have been giving to the ‘tiny’ false-self-identity YOU have believed is who you are.

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