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"Who am I? … is NOT a mantra. It means that you must find out where in YOU arises the 'I" - thought, which is the 'source' of all other thoughts.” - Ramana

This simple Truth does NOT say you are to find out ‘what’ you are and therefore ‘does not’ required an answer. It asks ‘where’ in YOU this ‘I’ thought arises. For this, Self Inquiry is the direct route that, when pursued diligently ‘drives’ this impostor … this separated independent so-called ‘personal identity’ back into the Real YOU or SELF - the ONE Consciousness that IS, were it dissolves and is no more.

This is incredibly simple when compared to the long [many lifetimes] and arduous practices that attempt to still the mind [false self] … as beautiful as many of them are, when these disciplines end the mind returns to molest you. Ramana also says: “Other than Self Inquiry there are no adequate means to make the mind permanently subside.”

"Self Discovery/Inquiry" - A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

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