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“I feel terrible about saying ‘this or that’.”

“I feel so proud, look at all the compliments I received for doing ‘this or that’.”

The issue is not whether there is a good person or a bad person. The issue is that there is NO person.

-Who is it that is thinking or saying these things?

-I am.

-Who am I?

Constantly making this ‘Inquiry’ allows you to step back and easily observe this ‘I’ play in the field of dreams pretending to do and say and act out all the scenes in the great play you have called Life.

In this way the ‘I’ is being ‘exposed’ … the last thing the false self wants because being exposed, it becomes ‘known’ as an imposter clothed in a phantom body called ‘you’. This influences it to fall back further and further into the God-SELF [you are] from which it sprang … until it dissolves and all that remains is YOU – I AM.

If you add to this regular ‘Inquiry’, full and total ‘surrender’ to the God-SELF – I AM, your return to the full Awareness of Who You Really Are will be swift.

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