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Who is it that ‘becomes’ Self Realized?

This entity called ‘me’ … a body-mind-identity [ego or false self] has no ‘real’ existence and cannot so-called ‘become’ anything real. It ‘can’ morph into limitless illusory disguises, but none are any more real than the original, which in itself is changing in every moment from cradle to grave [also illusions].

The ONE SELF, when it enters the dream-universe-world-body-mind-identity to fully experience, savor and taste IT SELF, temporarily ‘forgets’ Who IT Really Is so that these experiences are ‘total’ [like watching a movie before reading the book]. This ‘state may be referred to as the ‘Slumbering God-SELF’. It is this ‘counterpart [ONE appearing as many] of the ONE SELF that ‘seems’ to be so-called ‘seeking’ Freedom [Self Realization] … through this false self identity.

When one asks through Self Inquiry [the direct route HOME] – “Who am I?” it is this Slumbering God-SELF asking ‘through’ the mind [false self], and it is IT Who ‘remembers’ [not becomes] Who IT Really Is ‘as’ the ONE SELF.

LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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