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The false self, the body-mind identity sees the dream as ‘reality’ … like it, the person it claims to be is also a dream. The universe/world/body-mind-identity seems to validate separation, which is the foundational belief that brought all of it into existence as the illusion that it is. As a result … it suffers.

The SELF, which chooses to remain in a body after IT realizes Who IT Really Is, also sees the dream but ‘knows’ it is a dream. It does not ‘resist’ what seems to occur within the dream knowing that that would expand what is occurring … it simply accepts the flow of illusion and is ‘unmoved’ by the cacophony that swirls around and within it, the result of the collective conditioning of humanity. In this regard IT remains the Peace IT ‘is’.

Nature [the SELF within form] also sees the dream in which its manifestations appear. IT also, does not resist what occurs in the dream in the myriad of expressions it offers for Consciousness to play in and know IT SELF. These temporary bodies [mountains, rivers, oceans, flowers, trees the very earth itself and much more] ‘can’ and ‘are’ influenced by humanity’s conditioning and can appear diseased in many ways … but this does not touch the ONE Consciousness within each form … only the form. None of this is ‘ever’ in danger since Consciousness is the projector of the dream within IT SELF and it is ITs choice alone regarding what stays and what dissolves … such as a species or a star.

Everything is always in Perfect order no matter what the mind may tell YOU.

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