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That which ‘comes and goes’ is NOT real. Real is eternal and does not change. What about this you called ‘me’ changes? This is the ‘pointer’ that eliminates who you are NOT. This ‘NOT YOU’ false entity will resist the discovery of its illusory presence subtly as long as you give this subject little importance or attention. However, when the issue begins to interest you … even only on the mental level, the false self will become aggressive in its attempts to dissuade you from your search. Drama is its chief instrument as that pulls attention easily this way and that as it confuses and clouds clarity and understanding. Eventually however, the endless seduction of the unique-dream-world manifested for your so-called pleasure by the false self, ceases to entice and a ‘deeper dive’ into Who You Really Are begins to capture attention.

When once the false self is ‘discovered’ that does ‘not’ mean is disappears since its phantom life is held together by the strings of conditioning. It does mean however, that its resolve to remain alive becomes vicious. This is why this deeper search is called ‘standing in the fire of who you are not’. It is a very solitary moment as you draw near to your Freedom, but essential as all distractions must dovetail into this one ‘focus’. Be still and vigilant - you are nearing HOME.

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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