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When you say: “Thy will be done”, you are NOT somehow giving [God – Consciousness] ‘permission’ … the details of your experience are already predestined and ‘will’ happen whether you surrender to LIFE or not. What ‘is’ occurring is ‘non-resistance’ and this means that you are saying YES to What Is. A very heavy load is lifted from you when you ‘persist’ in this surrender. It is ‘True’ surrender and when it is ‘total’ you are ‘declaring’ that nothing that occurs within the dream you have called reality is being ‘interfered with’. You are saying you will not attempt to ‘do anything’ without the SELF.

Your life experience will not play out differently ‘because’ of this predestination, however suffering within the experience will fade [not pain, which remains as long as the SELF occupies a body]. Nevertheless, no further conditioning [karma] is created that will add to the existing conditioning that is the architect of your current experience. Surrender is the flip side of Self Inquiry, which may be practised together with it, or alone … both will restore full Awareness of Who You Really Are.

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