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As one draws ever deeper inside toward the Truth They Are, the suggestion to ‘witness’ the Grand Dream is often heard. This places those who have discovered the first phase of ‘Freedom-with-baggage’ [Heart-Awareness that the universe ‘is’ a dream], in the front rows of the theater of dreams as the ‘witness’ to the body they have identified with, still playing out its fantasies on the stage of illusions.

This is a phase where conditioning has the possibility of dissolving rapidly and there, the concept of ‘being a witness’, ‘witnessing’ and ‘that which is witnessed’ seem to occur simultaneously. This is still an experience of separation. As more and more of the veiling programs of person-hood fall away, identification with the ‘witness and the witnessed’ begin to fade away as well since they too are also part of the dream … leaving only ‘witness-ing’.

This witness-ing ‘is’ Awareness, another name for the SELF Who is ‘before’ any dreams projected on the screen of Consciousness. This state has no boundaries to confine Being-ness.

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