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The glamor of the world is so seductive that you very easily get pulled into virtually any direction on the roller coaster of ecstatic possibilities. Inevitably and eventually the ‘lows’ equal the ‘highs’ but the dance is so enticing that you approach the flame again and again hoping you will not get burned … ‘this time’. Many of these tantalizing possibilities show up as what many call “My Life Purpose” and these can bind you for a lifetime.

This merry-go-round takes you nowhere. Eventually, through disappointment, hopelessness and despair each one lets go of their desperate grasp of the brass ring and surrenders to what has been waiting for eternity … your ‘only’ Real Purpose. That Purpose is to Wake Up from the grand dream. This means total Self Realization of the God-SELF You Are. Everything you will ever experience leads you to that moment. Its ‘why’ you are here.

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