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You are NOT what you have believed ‘into’ your experience as a person, living in a world within a universe. This has been a colossal fiction, a movie you have stepped into from the audience of the SELF. Your belief and participation in, as well as your identification with this Grand illusion has brought you enormous highs and lows as well as a constantly simmering fear wrapped in a lingering suffering that often bursts into flames.

Leaving this great adventure into fantasy is only possible when you have ‘had enough’ of it … no matter what spiritual gymnastics you practice. Unless you choose Freedom ‘absolutely’, your sojourn in this “movable feast” of shadows and light will continue.

YOU Are the SELF and have never left IT ‘as’ YOU and IT ‘will’ be revealed when the glamor and the agony have burned out your desire for illusions. Dream on … as long as you wish, you cannot lose Your SELF.

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