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"YOU ARE GOD - It's Time To Shine"

"YOU ARE GOD - It's Time to Shine"

Now Available in HARDCOVER

Humanity is experiencing a profound Transformation of Consciousness from the belief in separation through time and space and limitation to an age of Peace and Light, wherein Oneness [Who You Really Are], Abundance, Joy, Love, Peace, Freedom and Beauty, may more easily become an actual living experience.

Now, in this emerging age everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, are being exposed to higher and higher frequencies of Light that are literally tearing apart their concept of reality.

In this lofty conscious environment it is and will become increasingly possible for one to ‘Realize’ that there ‘is’ only ONE SELF [God] and They are IT. This book reveals this dynamic SHIFT by one who has crossed the bridge into this ‘Knowing’.


“I can hardly believe what a gem this book is.” - Lisa Wood

"I am currently reading your books and I can't put them down, they are a gift that can't be described with words" - Ruth Gistelinck

“John knows what he is talking about, he is just living the enlightened life. This book and its author are a blessing to humanity.” - Katherine

“An excellent book and if you let it, it will open a huge door for you.” - Malcolm Jacobs

“I’ve been reading spiritual books for decades. I’ve read most of the best authors, but none has been as clear as John’s books.” - Rod Spain

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