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“You are incredible” … is a favorite phrase made in the Personal Development industry. It refers to the ‘person’ having miraculous abilities with endless examples throughout history to validate this statement. These narratives are seductive inspiring countless millions to strive for the same results, which WILL happen inevitably if you follow the guidance of the many who teach ‘success techniques’. If you are ‘pulled’ to follow this direction … then, for now – its for you.

However, even ‘if’ it is for you and you achieve the ‘incredible’ results that ‘are’ possible … it is still just a dream and will NOT bring about seamless, unbroken Joy. As one who did ‘rise to the top’ and also taught thousands to do the same I know this first hand. It was the ‘misery’ I still felt at that so called zenith of accomplishment that ‘pulled me inward’ and eventually ‘out-of-the-dream’ and into REAL Joy, Peace, Freedom, Beauty, Abundance and Love [unconditioned].

Everything ‘is’ possible within the Grand Dream BUT none of it is Real. Only the full Awareness [remembrance] of the ONE SELF YOU Are is Real.

From MAGICIAN to MASTER: The Creator’s Formula - Making Your Dreams Come True

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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