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The body has its own pre-destiny. You can utter any number of mantras and project health into it as you may, but the conditioning that manifested this phantom vehicle for the returned slumbering God-SELF in which to navigate the Grand dream will still ‘out-picture’ that conditioning even if that one version of it has been temporarily removed. The greatest ‘affirmation’ you can offer is: “Thy will be done”. Whatever discord shows up in your body or circumstances is a perfect mirror for the conditioned-beliefs you came in with, and a reflection ‘of’ that conditioning, which ‘if its showing up’ … is ready to be dissolved back into nothing-ness.

The Real YOU however, is the ONE SELF and cannot be so-called ‘sick’. IT is the blank screen of Consciousness that dream illnesses appears to get your attention and turn that focus inward. Use these opportunities when it shows up. They are gifts from the SELF that will come again and again until you are totally Free.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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