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As long as you still ‘dream’ you are an individual person, living separately in a world populated by billions of ‘other’ people, lost in an unfathomable universe … ‘everything’ is predestined. The thoughts, words and deeds of all past lives within the illusion of reincarnation have formed a ‘blueprint’ for each new lifetime and no belief in ‘free-will’ can alter what is destined to unfold. This ‘is’ your ‘way’ while you dream.

It is when you surrender the dream that the Light shines upon the Freedom you ‘are’. Still, each step is foreordained but then you are ceasing the constant resistance to ‘What Is’ that inevitably causes you suffering. This surrender allows what follows to more gently nudge you toward Real Self Awareness. This gentleness does NOT mean you escape all challenges if they are aspects of your destiny … it means you are no longer ‘suffering through’ them, which would generate further destiny.

Your ‘way’ is set until you are ‘fully’ Awake to Who You Really Are, but ‘surrender’ shifts your experience from resistance, anger and bitterness to gratitude and open-ness where the Light shines in ‘both’ the Light ‘and’ the darkness of your dream world.

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