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As a formless awakeness, without a body, heart, or mind in an N.D.E. at age four, and as an experiential scientist since 1983, I have been exploring humanity’s capacity to share a commonly-sensed consciousness. I collaborated for five years with an award-winning experimental psychologist, Dr. William Braud, a senior research associate at the Mind Science Foundation (MSF), a 61- year old privately endowed institute based in San Antonio, Texas—utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to the scientific study of human, animal, and machine communication anomalies.

As an adjunct research associate, I helped to pioneer the field of Distant Mental Interactions with Living Systems (DMILS) and direct a multinational, scientifically based, social action media research project to explore the potential of demonstrating our indivisibility on instrument under double-blind conditions with participants stationed at neuroscientific laboratories in widely separated geographic locations.

To further the evolution of a socially altruistic heart-centered intelligence and two-way telepathic awareness, I have facilitated hundreds of groups internationally for nearly forty years, learned to teach anyone interested how to effectively recreate these experiences in-person, as well as online via webcam, and given invited presentations on human interconnectedness and the Human Connection Project at the University of Connecticut ('88/'89), the Association for Research and Enlightenment ('90), the United Nations ('92), World Business Academy ('93/'94), Duke University ('95), and the Foundations of Mind conferences at U.C. Berkeley (2014/'15).

My articles have appeared in Frontier Perspectives, Alternative Therapies, Exceptional Human Experience, Cosmos and History, and Kosmos Journal. I am coauthoring books on our capacity for a commonly sensed unity. International news releases, documentaries, and feature films are being developed for shifting viewing audiences to share a felt-sense of being indivisible from everyone and everything.

Unity consciousness is now being offered online for free three times a week. A membership service will soon support access to our combined intelligence 24/7 around the clock in any language. The intent of these films and related media is to help shift the separatist mindset of humanity so ‘the one we all are’ is felt and thought intuitively by every human being.

Whether one-on-one, serving on a team or as a group facilitator, I love sharing experientially and insightfully. My background is in physics, neuroscience, philosophy, (para)psychology, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and filmmaking. As founder/co-director of the Human Connection Institute, research partner with the Consciousness Quotient Institute, and advisory board member of the Lifeboat Foundation, I design and implement educational programs to help shift the separative ‘mind-set’ of humanity.

It is my sense of nature's intentions that our interconnectedness is meant to be felt and thought, intuitively, by every human being. By sharing the experience of being a single body, heart and mind with thousands of individuals, I have witnessed and demonstrated inter-subjectively, as well as objectively, that anyone can access a commonly sensed unconditionally loving intelligence. My years of experiential research confirms that this can happen rapidly and reliably without effort—even with total strangers.

I initiated the Human Connection Project over thirty years ago to present life-changing, scientifically derived images of our interconnectedness via news reports, print media, talk show formats, feature documentaries and dramatic films.

Experiences of unity consciousness are now being offered online as the next step in social media so people can access their combined intelligence and spiritual unity around the clock in any language.

Our capacity to share a "common sense" appears to be the next step in human evolution and it may well prove to be essential to our survival as a species. Before a person is presented with a sensation, feeling, thought or intuition, it can require billions of cooperating brain cells orchestrating together. Similarly, within our "global brain," billions of people may require "seeing is believing," scientifically-derived evidence of our innate unity for humanity--as a whole--to recognize and welcome consciously felt perceptions of being interconnected.

With All Love,



Sperry Andrews, co-director

Human Connection Institute

Tel: # 505-629-0700 (USA)


Sperry Andrews – Research Partner

CQ-i Consciousness Quotient Institute

82-84 Emanoil Porumbaru St., Suite 2

Bucharest, 011428, Romania


Lifeboat Foundation

Advisory Board Member

Philosophy and Media-Arts


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