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"You are as clear and direct a teacher as I've come across, at a time when my focus is solely on liberation."

- Alex Alioto

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Self Discovery - Series

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PART ONE of FROM MAGICIAN TO MASTER explains in very simple terms exactly HOW to wield and manifest all your Life experiences consciously through The Creator’s Formula. In other words, HOW to make your Dreams Come True.


In PART TWO you will discover how to shift from the Magician to the Master You Really Are. As a Master you will know where go, what to do, what to say and to whom in perfect harmony and in every moment. In this phase you step off the roller coaster of the highs and lows that are inevitable in the Magician’s phase into a flatline of Joy that is unbroken. VIDEO INTERVIEW

LIFE - The Descent from and the Ascent to the Awareness of Who You Really Are. NOW is another name for Pure Conscious Awareness …  NOT a tiny fraction of time. Within the simple sketch of the Descending and Ascending spiral of Conscious Awareness outlined in this book, the essence is that - All is Well - Nothing is Broken and Nothing is a Mistake. The universe and more particularly the planet and your own personal association with it, are NOT in jeopardy. Ideally, you will come away from this book at least with this: -Nothing has ever been out of place -YOU have never done anything wrong - You are Perfect in every way - Returning HOME is a certainty -YOU are Loved UN-Conditionally, always, no matter what.

YOU ARE GOD simplifies the mystery of Who You Are in simple and often humorous ways mixed with very personal stories from author John McIntosh's journey from a miserable and empty multi-millionaire to Freedom and Joy. 

It outlines Self-Discovery, the fastest route to Freedom in the New Energy humanity is now bathed in. 'Fastest' because it allows you the Freedom to 'witness' your conditioning [the identity that you believe is you] from the audience without the suffering that comes with being a victim. When you are not suffering, transforming the blocks to the awareness of Who You Really Are becomes very simple.

Self Discovery/Inquiry is a pathless-path to WHO you Really Are. I call it a pathless-path because unlike virtually all paths to Truth it/they speak of Freedom Now, not in some distant future after you have somehow qualified for IT. Self Discovery is ‘hands on’ while Self Inquiry is far simpler and may be said to be ‘hands free’. Both are the most ‘direct route’ to Freedom.


Self Discovery/Inquiry recognizes that we are the very thing we have been seeking and have always been so, which means it cannot exist in the future but NOW. This is where humanity finds itself right now.


This little Handbook will explain very simply exactly what Self Discovery/Inquiry are and how they can work for you right where you are - Now. This means no matter what beliefs you may now hold about the world and who you may think you are, you may shift into the Consciousness of Freedom You Are - NOW.

Navigating The New World - Series

-a compilation of John's regular Blog articles related to Self Discovery/Inquiry

In Navigating The New World, Book -1 in a series, you are shown that 'You' are the Light of the World. You are pointed toward ‘navigating’ simply and effortlessly through the emerging New Energy now bathing the planet and humanity in IT’s intense Transforming Light. We have entered a phase in the Transformation of Consciousness where the 3rd and 4th dimension of time and space have merged with the 5th dimension of the Now.

Mastering The New Energy - Book- 2 in the series [Navigating The New World]. The New Energy of Now-ness is fully upon us as we enter deeper and deeper  into the Golden Age. Its first symptoms appear as chaos, disruption and an increase of fear in every aspect of the human play on the stage of dreams we, as God sleeping to our True and only identity are experiencing. `Its the best of times and the worst of times` as A Tale of Two Cities stated. Mastering the New Energy is about balancing the dysfunctional separated identity we call a person by transforming the conditioning (attachments, expectations and identities) that created this phantom  self. In this 2nd edition of Navigating The New World I continue to explore this pathless path.

You Are The Light Of The World - Book- 3 in the series [Navigating The New World]. At this moment humanity is fully immersed in the New Energy of NOW and it appears as if chaos and collapse is present in every corner of the earth. This is due to the fall of the dysfunctional patriarchy as the rapidly expanding Divine Feminine Light balances the long imbalanced Divine Masculine Light. Those who have already chosen to dive into Self Discovery and fully return to the Awareness of the God they ‘are’ have become the Light of the World. Simply standing in this Awareness, sometimes referred to as BEING-ness, shines the Light of Truth to everyone and everything that animates the great dream of this world and this multi-verse. You ‘are’ this Light … the Light of the world as you return to this Awareness. This 3rd book in the series and continues to offer a thread of articles designed to assist you in re-discovering WHO you Really are.

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Being Who You Really Are - Book- 4 in the series [Navigating The New World]. The planet and humanity continues to experience a major expansion of Light, which means that the Conscious Awareness of Truth is becoming increasingly clear. That clarity reveals what has been dysfunctional for thousands of years and as a result the first impression is that of shock followed by increased chaos and conflict as what has been full of imbalance is emptied.


It is "the best of times and the worst of times" since what is full must be emptied before Truth can emerge. But take heart and know that an age of Peace is upon us as the giant arc of Life that swings constantly between dysfunction and peace 'shifts' once again.

DANCING IN THE LIGHT [Shifting From The Head To The Heart] is the 1st in a series of Poetic inspirations oriented to the profound 'transformative' energies now bathing the planet and humanity to bring the imprisoned SELF out of the bondage of person-hood and into full spiritual Enlightenment in this lifetime. 

EMBRACING THE LIGHT is the 2nd in the Poetry series: DANCING IN THE LIGHT [Shifting From The Head To The Heart] ...a collection of Poetic inspirations oriented to the profound 'transformative' energies now bathing the planet and humanity to bring the imprisoned SELF out of the bondage of person-hood and into full spiritual Enlightenment in this lifetime.

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"I'm reading a book by John McIntosh and have discovered he is the most profound writer I've come across in many years." - Deanna Lockhart 

"I just completed 2 of your books, the last one...You Are God ... there are no words to describe how much Joy it’s given me and the other one, Self Discovery! It’s given me the exact tools I was so desperately needing."

-Joni Ramm

"Got YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD  yesterday and read before sleep and drifted off so wonderfully!"

- Mary Virginia Pembleton

"I found in your book YOU ARE GOD the meaning of I AM That I AM." -CKacz 

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