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No one is left behind because there ‘is’ no one in the sense of individuals nor is there anything to return ‘from’. There ‘is’ only ONE Consciousness … a blank screen on which ‘All That Is’ [appears to be] is projected. IT ‘seems’ to splinter IT SELF into numberless ‘rays’ of Light, which animate each aspect of the grand dream [not just humans], but which emanates indivisibly from Source – IT/YOU Are.

Nevertheless, there are countless references to the concept of being ‘saved’ … the story surrounding the number 144,000 is one of them. Within the human form [the dream of it] are what some refer to as ‘chakras’. Elsewhere, they are called churches, kings, crowns and many other terms. They resemble flowers with various numbers of petals. The top chakra is referred to as the Crown chakra or thousand petalled lotus. When the energy ‘signatures’ of all the petals are added together their number is 144 and when multiplied by the energy of 1,000 = 144,000. This metaphor simply means that when ‘all’ these flowers are fully OPEN and the Life-Force flows freely, unobstructed by one’s ‘conditioning’, the sleeping God-SELF returns to the full Awareness of Who It Really Is.

As mentioned, many refer to this as being ‘saved’ or salvation, but the SELF has never needed saving since IT is never ‘not’ Who IT Is – the SELF-ONE-YOU. All the ancient mysteries, most produced to place intermediaries between the hierarchy and the masses [remembering its always only ONE] … are no longer smothering easy access to Truth. Simplicity and clarity are key aspects of the expanding Awareness occurring Now … you need only be OPEN to it for Truth to dawn upon your slumbering.

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