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IF ... ?


If every so-called ‘perpetrator’ in every conceivable scenario had been ‘removed’,

If every so-called ‘victim’ in all possible situations had been ‘raised up’,

If every ‘corrupt official’ in every office had been replaced with honesty,

If the planet had been given every opportunity to renew and rejuvenate itself,

If all wars and conflicts ceased,

If every body was fed and clothed and housed adequately,

If the world you have dreamed of as heaven on earth had materialized

… you would still NOT be Free.

To experience the Freedom YOU Really Are, which is unconditioned Love, Beauty, Abundance, Peace, Joy and Truth - the SELF, the God YOU Are … ALL conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory [the past] and imaginations [the future]] must be dissolved in the fire of who you are NOT.

Your world shows up as an exact and precise reflection of the conditioning that still defines the body-mind-identity ‘you are not’ until that desolation occurs.

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