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The concept and feeling of fear, is the most palpable experience within the grand dream. It is a direct emanation of one’s conditioning … that which defines and makes up the false self called ‘you’.

Fear revolves around the loss of one’s ‘attachments’, whether they exist now or are hoped for, the fear of not ‘receiving’ what is hoped for and ‘expected’ and the fear particularly around ‘identities’ since they are tied to who you believe you are. The fear of ‘death’ is not of the body as most believe but of existence itself. As conditioning is transformed [neutralized], the sense of ‘separation’ begins to fade and along with that anything with which fear can ‘stick’. Fearlessness exists ‘normally’ when there is no longer the phantom called a ‘person’.

The false self [body-mind-identity] cannot comprehend nothing-ness , nevertheless Emptiness ‘is’ the Real SELF. The desolation of the conditioned false self is as easy as continually asking “Who am I?” because this ‘rejects’ the entire universe that has been projected onto the screen of consciousness as the dream it is. When this occurs this illusionary one called ‘you’ recedes back into the SELF revealing IT SELF as Who You Really Are.

While this ‘is’ an absolutely simple pathless-path you must first be completely satiated with the roller-coaster ride of happiness and sorrow that is the so called ‘normal’ life of the false self, before consistent Attention can be place on it.

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