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‘HOME’ is another name for the ONE SELF. IT is not a destination but an ever-Present Reality … Who YOU Really Are – NOT something you ‘have’ or can somehow ‘attain’ by effort or through qualifying. You are ‘never’ absent from Home as IT is boundless without time, space or dimension. However, you ‘can’ distract ‘from’ IT and this most call ‘life’ or ‘reality’ … the busy-ness of the mind-body that is always searching for the very thing you ‘are’ already through endless activities … the highs and lows of so-called ‘normal’ experience.

This frenzied existence projects universes that seem to separate HOME from IT SELF, producing a simmering angst or yearning for something you have NOT and cannot lose. This is why Silence or Stillness is often emphasized like holding a motionless hand out and allowing a downy feather to drift into it.

The mind vehemently resists Silence through distracting, sedating or running but eventually exhaustion with what is NOT Home will overcome this ceaseless wandering and Silence will envelop the longing heart with HOME.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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